Lorac Back to Bronze Collection Review


Lorac Back to Bronze was $36 and I purchased these last year and never go around to opening it. After doing some research it’s now $28 HERE. This 6 piece set comes with lipstick, lip gloss, masacara, duo eye liner, bronzer, and travel bag.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAlter Ego Cream Lipstick in Girl Next Doo is in a light coral color. The lipstick has a matte finish and should last a nice amount of time on your lips.


Cobra Mascara has a curved wand that looks like a cobras head.  The formula is on the drier side for those who like wetter formula but is still an ok mascara.


TANtalizer Baked Bronzer (Travel-Size) is a shimmery based bronzer and is perfect for a beach glow.

lorac63D Lustre Liner in Copper and the other side Black Cherry is a dual sided liner has black cherry liner which is a black liner with red shimmer in it and the other side is in copper color really haven’t used this product much.


Lip Lustre Gloss in Peach Lustre is a peachy color with a small amount shimmer. The only problem I have with this product is the applicator brush is entirely to small.



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