Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette Review


I picked up the new Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette from Wal-Mart and paid $10.99. This palette has eight lip gloss shapes ranging from nude to wine and the colors could be wore together or individually. The palette comes with a brush and is great for traveling or just throwing it in your makeup bag for everyday use.  I would have loved if Maybelline would have added a mirror to this palette.


One issue I had with this product is when swatched a few of the colors look exactly the same and I had to be apply a few layers before achieving the desired color.  The nude colors at the beginning of the palette are sheer with a light color pay off but you see a lot more color in the warm red and wine shades.

The lip gloss its self feels more like a lip balm and not a gloss. It has no taste or fragrance. I would use it strictly to layer over lipstick and not alone. I wouldn’t rush to pick it up but its a ok palette for the price.


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Hello, I'm Mariah...I live in Mississippi and I'm addicted to makeup. I blog about my sewing projects, fashion, and makeup looks.

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