LIP MONTHLY April 2016 Unboxing

You will receive four to five full-size products in a makeup bag. All I pay is $12.95 monthly for a bag that has a retail value from $35 to $55. You receive mostly lip products and one random beauty product. This time I recieved two lip glosses, lipstick, and eyeliner. This bag retails for $30.98.

Starlooks Glossin Cuddle $9.00




Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob in wildflower $1.99



Pencil Me In Eyeliner in Denim $6.99



Hikan Lipstick in Peony $13.00

Get your first month Lip Monthly bag for just $5. Use the coupon code LIPLOVER1 Here.


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Hello, I'm Mariah...I live in Mississippi and I'm addicted to makeup. I blog about my sewing projects, fashion, and makeup looks.

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