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New Year, New Goals, and New Attitude

It’s the time of the year where everyone sets New Year’s resolutions.

I have decided not to have actual resolutions but this year I want to have affirmations. Everything on this list is things that I want to start doing more with Twisted Silhouette. I’m in the process of breaking down bigger goals and making them into smaller goals. I will be sticking with the posting schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m going to keep posting reviews but I also want to start doing first-impressions and more makeup tutorials.

Goal #1

Learn more about video editing and photography

Goal #2

Go Self-Host

Goal #3

Double my page views (increase blog follower and social media accounts)

Goal #4

Consistency Matters but quality over quantity

I would like to know what are your goals for 2019?


Welcome to Twisted Silhouette! My name is Mariah and I’m the Author and Editor of this blog. You will find product reviews on makeup, skincare and occasional hair/body care products on this blog apart from Makeup Tutorials, Looks, and a little bit about my life outside of makeup.

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