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Lipstick Mini Makeup Haul

Hey everybody, I picked up a few lipsticks and since I have been wanting to try out some new colors. So I went on amazon and purchased a different types of lipstick all links are down below.  I purchased these lipstick with plans on reviewing them but didn’t know that new colors were already being launched for these lines.

Covergirl Melting Pout Metallics

The melting pout metallics line are super rich in color and have a intensely pigmented creamy gel formula. CoverGirl has now expanded to include matte and glitz melting pout liquid lipstick. Down Below are all the new colors that CoverGirl has released with these new season for the Melting Pout line.

 All Lipstick Colors:

  • Gelebritiy
  • Gel-ful
  • Evan-gel-ical
  • Gelebrate
  • Tan-gel-o
  • Gell Yes
  • Dont be gelly
  • Gelfriend
  • Gellie Jelly
  • Gel-bird
  • Rasberry gelly
  • Gel-mate

My Purchases

255 Mic Drop

200 24 Carat

Covergirl All-Day Intense

All-Day liquid lip color that are paired with matching lip gloss for shine and intense color throughout the day. The CoverGirl All-Day Lip Color & Gloss has 12 different shades in these line.

140 mighty berry

120 coral crave

Rimmel London Provocalips 16 hrs

Provocalips 16hr lip color and gloss comes 16 shades that are kiss proof, transfer proof, and food proof.

120 Pucker Up


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